Education is fundamental for disadvantaged children to support them to climb out of poverty. Children Matter Foundation wants to create a bright future full of opportunities for children that have been identified as requiring support through our assessment process within Oyo State, Nigeria. This will be done by providing them with a fully purpose-built school that has up to date technology and useful school materials to promote their learning. Other identified children will receive materials.


Education is fundamental in providing children with Knowledge, empowerment, and support to help them grow into the adult they want to become. For instance, In the U.K, we are so lucky in the one sense that education is free for all children (unless of course you want to pay to send your child to a private school) however, in the background of our fee school system there is underlying issue of poverty which research suggest is increasing. One way in which poverty could affect a child educational development is at home they might not have access to I.T equipment and wi-fi which is wildly used throughout the schools in the UK. Therefore, leaving the children disadvantaged. In contrast to this, in Africa, Nigeria schooling is not free, materials needed are not free and the equipment required is not free. Therefore, so many children are missing out of the opportunity to develop their educational journey due to the reason that their parents cannot afford to send them to school. Therefore, the aim of the charity is to support these disadvantaged children to gain access to education.
Even though education is compulsory, it is estimated that there are still 10 million Nigerian children between the ages of 5 to 14 who are not in full-time education. therefore, supporting out of school children or children at risk of losing their school place to remain in education poses a massive challenge. The education deprivation in western Nigeria if driven by a number of factors which include economic barriers and poverty. Education is a vital key in being able to lift disadvantaged children and their families out of a vicious cycle of poverty that many experiences in Nigeria. Been able to give children a good quality education will enable them to realise their potential and enter any chosen field of employment the wish. Good quality education is also the key to producing confident children which promote their mental and emotional wellbeing. The aim is for all future generations to benefit from our work.

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