The Children Matter Foundation is a UK registered charity which raises funds to promote and improve the access to quality education for disadvantaged children up to age 16 in Oyo State Nigeria. The organization began in 2019 as one of the most few charities based in the UK providing educational support for children in Oyo State Nigeria. As the charity is initially only focusing on one state in Nigeria, we will be working closely with the schools within this area to let them know the purpose of our charity and what support we can provide. Schools will be able to refer children to the charity who they consider would benefit from the support services that we can provide. Education is a vital key in being able to lift disadvantaged children and their families out of a vicious cycle of poverty that many experiences in Nigeria. Being able to give children a good quality education will enable them to realize their potential and enter any chosen field of employment they wish. Good quality education is also the key to producing confident children which promote their mental and emotional wellbeing. The aim is for all future generations to benefit from our work. The service is to provide educational support for disadvantaged children with the means of buying educational materials, school uniform, school bags, tuition fee, accommodation, transport, food, clothing, school shoes, and medication where required. For instance, it is expensive to construct or renovate an existing school building. On average, it cost around £10,000 to build and complete a fully facilitated school for disadvantaged children to access. Therefore, every penny you contribute will help hundreds of children to receive the education they deserve. Every donation you make, no matter how big or small, will provide opportunity for disadvantaged children to have access to quality education. £3 to provide written materials for one child. This will mean that a struggling child will not be left behind. £10 will provide stationary for one child per year, and £ 5 per month or £60 per year will pay for a tuition fee for once a child. £16 will provide school uniform for one child, and £20 per month will pay a living expenses for one child. This will provide opportunity for children to learn, develop their skills and prosper. DONATIONS: £5 per month or £60 per year will provide a full support for a child (food, clothing and education) £15 per month or £180 per year for a school maintenance. The number of of out of school children In Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria is increasing every day due to lack of resources available. Therefore, many children were being deprived of education. The parents of these children are poor workers who struggle to meet their daily needs. Therefore, they would consider education as a challenging factor and not being able to prioritize education as a first choice for their children's future. Children with disabilities, orphans and other disadvantaged children would be at the risk of school exclusion without a sufficient support.
Every child deserves an education regardless of their background, ethnicity and gender. From as little as £5, you could support a poor and needy child towards a bright future.
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Children Matter Foundation will be depending on voluntary contributions and donations from individuals, institutions and organizations who share our charitable aims. In other to remain person centered, the funding will be used to identify what provision a child will need in other for them to access quality education.
we are run completely by volunteers and if you would like to join our compassion team, please contact us at info@childrenmatterfoundation.org
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