Covid-19 is now causing severe disruption to normal everyday life, many schools are closed and will take some time to fully recover. The result is that the people worst affected will be those on low incomes. Many parents will be unable to work if they contract the virus and due to the Nigerian government policy they will not receive statutory sick pay. We have an opportunity to come together as a charity to demonstrate our care and compassion for those who are really struggling right now. Please take that opportunity by donating to the Children Matter Foundation Urgent Assistance Fund, so that children, young people, and families don’t suffer as a result of coronavirus.

we are all affected by the covid-19 pandemic, but we not All equal

As COVID-19 spreads through out Africa, millions of children are at risk of contracting the virus especially poor and disadvantaged children. Many children will be affected as of the impact that coronavirus will have on the health care sector and the destruction that it will cause to other vital services. By donating to the coronavirus urgent assistance fund, you will to protect children in trying to keep themself safe from catching coronavirus by being supplied with essential PPE materials provided by Children Matter Foundation

Our  ongoing work will include: providing educational support for disadvantage children up to age 16, Providing children with soap, PPE equipment and clean water facilities

Donation made to our urgent assistance fund will go towards funding Children Matter Foundation’s ongoing work to support disadvantaged children affected by coronavirus.

support us and change the course of a child’s life today!


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